Real Techniques Make Up Brushes by Samantha & Nic Chapman

Every beauty blogger out there has talked about these brushes. The Real Techniques brushes by Sam & Nic Chapman (Haste). I've seen them being used by the famous Pixiwoo sisters on their YouTube channel and read heaps about them when I decided I had to try them. Anyone who knows me

 knows I love a good bargain. So I asked Uncle Google where I could buy the brushes for the best price. Not that they are very expensive to begin with, but why pay more if you don't have to, right? Uncle Google of course had a LOT to say until he finally spilled the beans about the best/cheapest way to buy them. It turned out sells them at US prices (which is cheaper than the Dutch or UK web-stores). To make it even more fun, I found a coupon code that gave me a discount of $10! It was fate! I had to buy them!
So off I went, drooling all over my laptop seeing all those gorgeous and diverse brushes. Within two weeks my package arrived. Like a kid I rushed to open it up to see if they really were as good as Uncle Google said. Now I’ve had my brushes for about a year now, I really wanted to try them out for a longer period of time before writing about them. I hadn’t read much about the longevity of these brushes. And I can’t tell you now, that these brushes have been used, washed and wiped A LOT. And they still work as good as the first time I used them! Very good quality brushes, especially considering the price. 

Aren't they pretty :D

I have 18 Real Techniques brushes, and use all of them regularly. 

Some brushes are actually self-standing. Easy storage!

I'm telling you, that Blush Brush, is SO soft... It reminds me of a cats' tail XD I just want to stroke my face with it the entire time. And it's brilliantly designed. If you dip the tip of the brush in to your blush, the rest of the bristles around it will blend it for you! All you need now is someone to wave a palm leave and feed you grapes. 

Core Collection Kit (contains Buffing Brush)

Nic (Pixiwoo) made me fall in live with the Buffing Brush. It blends your foundation with ease. Gives such a airbrushed finish to you foundation. Any foundation! OK, most foundations. Now the buffing brush comes in the face kit. So I had to buy the whole kit. And I was NOT disappointed by the rest of the brushes. I use them for different things than they are meant to be used for but hey, if it works, it works right? For instance, I love to use the Pointed Foundation Brush to apply a cream highlighter. 

Starter set/ Eyes Enhanced Set

The Deluxe Crease Brush is a brush on a whooole other level. This brush applies under eye concealer like nobody's business. I also use it to apply concealer to blemishes. Blending around the nose area works like a charm as well. Now this brush comes in a set as well. But seriously I use all of them. So money well spent. The Base Shadow Brush is great for applying and blending out your eye shadows. I love the Accent Brush for applying highlighter in the inner tear duct. And the Brow Brush and Liner Brush are great for, well, brows and eyeliner.

Setting Brush

The Setting brush is absolutely perfect to set your under-eye concealer. It fits right in to those nooks and crannies. It's also great to apply a powder highlighter to the tops of the cheekbones for instance. Now these brushes are all synthetic, which means they are not only animal cruelty-free, but you can use them for powders, creams and liquids!
Expert face Brush

For an extra flawless look I love to use the Expert Face Brush. Gives a flawlessly blended finish. Absolutely adore this. I also love to use it with my Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzer .

When I finish my make up I like to use the kabuki brush to blend everything without adding any additional product to the brush. Just to ensure an airbrush finish to my face. You can actually open it up to use as a contour brush. But I love the actual Contour Brush to get in the hollows of my cheeks. Fits in perfectly!

I could go on and on about these brushes but I'll leave you with these ones for now. There are loads more new Real Techniques brushes, but these are the ones I have right now. If you would like me to write about any of the other brushes just let me know in the comments down below. If you would like to order these brushes at as well, you can use this coupon code to get the $10 off your first purchase on your order over $40. On all order less than $40 you get $5 off. Pretty good deal right?


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