15 FREE Summer Holiday Activities For Your Kids

Summer vacation has started a week ago. Since we are not going on holiday this summer, I've tried to think about fun activities for the kids to do to keep them busy. It's easy to come up with activities that cost money. So I've made this list of 15 free things that you can do to keep the kids active and
entertained this summer.

 On this list you'll find activities to do at home as well as outside activities. So no matter what kind of weather it is, you'll have some fun things to do! Anytime you feel like you need some inspiration you can go back to this list to see what you could do with your kids.

  1. Picking berries in the forest and make jam with it.
  2. Have a picnic in the park (bring frisbee, jumping rope, scooter etc.).
  3. Baking and decorating cupcakes/ cookies/ a cake.
  4. Wash the car! While you clean the inside of the car let the kids wash the outside with a sponge and a bucket of soapy water. They'd also love using the hose to rinse the car off!
  5.  Fill up an inflatable pool in the backyard.
  6. Treasure hunting (inside or outside).
  7. Camping in the backyard or in your living room.
  8. Going to a playground. Pack some lunch & snacks, make a day out of it.
  9. Play games at home; charades, hide and seek, puzzle, play dough etc.
  10. Going to the library and take some books to read at home.
  11. A day at the petting zoo.
  12. Building an indoor playhouse with matresses and pillows. When they're tired you could read the a book you've borrowed from the library.
  13. Make fresh lemonade. Maybe even sell it at a lemonade stand
  14. Decorate the sidewalk with challk.
  15. Go Fishing. In many countries and states kids can drop a line without a license.

Also; ask the kids if they can help you think of something to do. You'd be surprised how creative they are!
I really hopes this helps you guys have a fun summer. When you've done some of these activities, please let me know in the comments down below. Would love to hear!

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