MAC Fix+ Setting Spray

If there's one thing that can ruin makeup despite how well it's been applied, it's a cakey face. If you have an oily skin it can be tempting to use more powder, which can result in a caked on finish. I have found the perfect solution for that! After I apply my makeup, I spray three spritzes of MAC Fix+ all over my face.

This will help melt the powder and foundation with my skin. It also prevents your makeup from melting away. Now I'm not afraid to try powder foundations as well because the reason I didn't want to use powder foundation was that I was afraid of that dreaded cakey finish. I definitely recommend using a setting spray if you use powder products. Especially in the warmer months, this setting spray makes your makeup budge-proof. Mac Fix+ Setting Spray costs €16,50 you can get it anywhere they sell MAC products. It's not a Pro-only product.

Let me know if you've tried it! I always like to know what you guys think about products I write about.
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