Summer / Winter Clothing Storage

Since we don't have a whole lot of closet space (3-door Aspelund closet from IKEA), I had to find a way to store our clothes for the winter in the summer and vice versa. I didn't want anything underneath my bed, because I wanted to be able to vacuum and mop under our bed without having to pull all this weight from underneath it. I saw these really cute Garnityr boxes from IKEA, and thought they would be perfect on top of our closet. I got two, one for my husband and one for me.

The Garnityr Box
The Closet:

The Boxes On Top Of The Closet:

I love the fact that they have lids on top of them. This will help to keep our clothes dust-free. 

What do you think about this way of storing your off season clothes? How do you store yours?

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