Sigma Make Up Brushes

When I first really got in to make up, the first thing I bought where these Sigma brushes. I remember a friend telling me that good make up brushes are as important as the make up you use. I started looking at make up tutorials on you-tube, and the Sigma brushes on-line. I first got
the Eyes Kit, and loved it so much that I soon got the Face Kit as well.

The Eyes Kit:

 The Face Kit:

Don't they look pretty? There are some pretty good MAC dupes in these kits. For example the F40 brush is a bang on dupe for MAC's Large angled contour brush (168). I love to use these brushes and actually use them for more than they're supposed to use them for. I love using the E40 brush for blending in my under eye concealer, but it's actually a eye shadow blending brush. If you have these kits together (which you can actually get together in one kit The Essential Kit), you pretty much got every make up brush you need. 

What do you think about these brushes?

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