My Little Girls' Underwear And Sock Drawer

Today I organized my 3 year old girls' underwear and sock drawer. I used the SKUBB drawer dividers from IKEA to keep everything in place. I folded the bottoms inside the tops to keep them together, and so that it's easy to grab the set. The bottoms without tops which she wears when its to hot for tops under her clothes are folded on the side. Her tights I folded on one side of a bigger SKUBB divider, and next to it I place her stocking type leggings. And the socks are just piled up in one corner of the divider. There was some space left in her drawer so I folded her bathrobe en put it in there as well.

 Here is a picture of the SKUBB drawer dividers form IKEA:

                                 And this is how I organized her drawer:

How do you organize your kids underwear drawers? Do you use drawer dividers as well?

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