Menu Planning and Grocery Shopping

Every Monday I do my grocery shopping for the entire week. I like to plan our meals for the week, because I don't want to be grocery shopping multiple times a week. This way I can plan around ingredients that I already have, so I won't have to throw out food. I hate wasting food. I think of food as a blessing and try to use up everything I buy. Every Sunday night I look in my refrigerator and cabinets to see what I have and what I can make of it. If I don't have all the ingredients to make a meal out of it, I write the ingredients needed on my grocery list and buy them all at ones. This way I only have to think about the never ending question 'what to cook today', ones a week.

Than, The List. When I have an entire list of things needed from the grocery store, I make a list with all the products on my previous list, but this time I write it down in the order that I walk through the grocery store. This prevents me from running up and down the store, and I don't have to check my entire list at every aisle. This might sound a bit OCD, but trust me, it saves you a lot of time, and forgotten groceries in the end.

Do you plan your meals ahead? Let me know in the comments down below. I love reading what you guys think!

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