Mediterranean Coucous Salad

This Mediterranean Couscous Salad is one of my favourite salads of all time. It´s fresh, tasty and colourful. And it´s so easy to make! That´s always a big plus for me. I love this recipe for summer. When you don´t really want to have a warm meal, this is an excellent alternative.It's also perfect for lunch.

All you need is:

- 200 grams of Couscous
- 1/2 Red sweet pepper (or paprika, depending on where you're from)
- 1/2 Of a cucumber
- 1 Handful of pre cooked chickpeas
- 1 Handful of black seedless olives
- Olive oil
- Coriander
- Lemon juice
(if you want you can add some raisins, feta and or some nuts)

Prepare the couscous according to the packet's instructions. Put the couscous in to a large mixing bowl. Clean and dice the red pepper and cucumber. Add it to the bowl, along with the chickpeas and olives. Drizzle the olive oil and lemon juice on top of the ingredients, add in the copped coriander and add some salt. That's it!

Hope you'll enjoy this recipe, let me know if you tried and liked it!

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