In-Shower Moisturizer from Nivea

Every morning I religiously go through my 5-step skincare routine. No matter what. And I don't mind, I rather enjoy it. But I'm not as loyal when it comes to my body. I just can't be bothered to moisturise my body, wait for it to dry before I jump in my clothes every morning. I only apply moisturiser on my body when the skin on my legs look like it's about to crack open. I know, right? But Nivea has the answer for me! They've come up with an in-shower moisturiser. After I wash myself with a shower gel, I slap on some of the in-shower moisturiser, RINSE, and I'm done! After I dry myself with a towel my skin still feels incredibly soft, but not tacky what so ever. I can immediately jump in to my clothes! No waiting, no tackiness. Just soft and moisturised skin. Looove! And the price? Only €6,49!

There's one for dry skin and one for normal skin. Do you use an in-shower moisturiser? What do you think about it?Oh and don't forget to subscribe to my blog! Just enter your email where it says "Follow by email", than click the "submit" button and every time there's a new post on-line, you will get notified!