Glass Containers In The Kitchen

Since I don't have a pantry in my kitchen, I had to think of a way to store everything and still be able to easily grab something when I need it. When I saw the empty space on the windowsill, I thought that would be the perfect spot to put glass containers with dried goods in them. So off I went
to IKEA, and got me a bunch of glass containers. I got eleven of these babies:
FĂ–RVAR Glass Container


I had a lot of stuff that was always in plastic packing, which would make a mess every time it was opened. This way, I got rid of the mess, and used up the empty space in the windowsill.

This is how it looked:

These containers can hold up to 1.8L of product in them! So for instance, a pack of flower of 1kg fits perfectly in one of these containers. And they where only €1,49 a piece!

What do you think? Does it look OK? If you have any tips for organizing a small kitchen, share them in the comments down below!

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