Delicious nutritious Lunch With Mulberries

Is it just me, or do só many people have cancer these days? I feel like everyone I know, knows at least one person who has cancer.  I was starting to wonder why so many people are having that terrible decease. My husband was already in his freakishly healthy phase and directed me towards a couple of websites that talk about this subject.
In The Netherlands, where I live, we eat a lót of bread. Bread for breakfast, bread for lunch and some have it even as a quick and easy dinner.
I turns out that eating so many carbs (which will be turned by our bodies in to sugar) actually feeds the microbes in our bodies that kan turn in to cancer cells. And almost everything we eat even contains sugar, or will be turned in to sugar in our bodies! Wow... That was a big revelation to me.
As a mom and wife I want the best for my family. So we went on a quest of eating a lot less sugar and carbs.
So today instead of eating bread for lunch, we had some quark sprinkled with delicious mulberries (which kind of taste like white chocolate!!!) and drizzled with some agave syrup.
And the kids loved it! Succes!

Do you have any carb free substitutes for breakfast or lunch?

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