Catrice Nail Polish Colors

I think nail polish is the perfect way to complete a look. Even if your not all dressed up, pretty nails can make you look like you've put some effort in tot it. And now that the summer is coming, and toes are revealed again, a beautiful color on the nails makes your toes extra pretty in those sandals.
I got some gorgeous nail polishes from Catrice to share with you. I got three Ultimate Nail Laquer ones, and one Ultimate Nudes polish. And the best part: they only cost €2,99 each!  The colors I've swatched on my nail wheel are:

830 Salmon & Garfunkel. This is a pale matte salmon color. I've put two coats on (as it says on the bottle).
830 Salmon & Garfunkel

030 Meet Me At Coral Island. This is a gorgeous coral color (really? Yup..)  that brightness up any look. This would look even prettier if you're a bit bronzed up. LOVE this color.

030 Meet Me At Coral Island

240 Sold Out For Ever. this is a beautiful soft vintage green. In the bottle it looks like there's a slight metallic-y sheen to it, but ones applied on the nails the metallic-y finish is pretty much gone. I just leaves a nice glossy finish.
240 Sold Out For Ever

050 Moulin Rouge Light. This is a vintage pink color. I think this color looks so sophisticated. It not to pink, not to nude and not to mauve-y. It's just perfect.
050 Moulin Rouge Light

All these polishes have a pretty glossy finish. I think all four of them are gorgeous. Which one is your favourite? Have you ever tried Catrice nail polishes?

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